The Anti-Counterfeiting Network


Training Seminars

React’s Training Seminars provide direct contact between React Members and Customs, Police and other law enforcement officers. This relationship building is a key building block to effective enforcement.

International training program

Receiving feedback from law enforcement officers is crucial in improving the content and effectiveness of training delivery. We are also very keen to receive suggestions as to the possibility of training in a particular country, port, or location, so that it is aligned with your anti counterfeiting strategy.

Worldwide coverage

As a Member of React you have the opportunity to assist Customs through our comprehensive public private training program at key sea ports, airports and other points of entry worldwide. We have designated React personnel who are personally responsible to nurture and maintain this high level of contact and liaison.

Upcoming seminar

The main advantage of our training program

  • One day and multiple day training events
  • Informative sessions as well as networking opportunities
  • Over 150 seminars organized each year in strategic locations
  • React can represent Members during local training seminars
  • Private meetings with Customs ports