The Anti-Counterfeiting Network


Online and offline investigations

React conducts online and on site investigations in order to gather information and evidence on suspect sellers. React Intelligence units and investigators are able to offer members a wide range of IP enforcement services from on-line analysis, to trend identification, smart schemes aimed at giving members a return on investment through civil procedures and enhanced reporting. What’s on offer and how we will deliver it to you?

Intelligence Team professionals

Our IT team consists of brand protection managers and investigators with decades of experience in brand protection. We gather and deliver actionable intelligence to members, leveraging the data collected in the course of our online monitoring and Customs recordal activities.
We combine online investigations with more traditional offline investigations to determine whether a target is worthy of further investigation. We then identify the most appropriate and cost-effective enforcement options.

Market enforcement

Test purchase program

We have set up an undercover operation which is able to make C2C, B2C and B2B transactions in a covert manner. React administrates all evidence you need to follow up the case.
Our international investigation service is intended to support local investigations. The team is able to operate and intervene in the counterfeit trade in 120 countries worldwide, and hence, collect the evidence necessary to pursue important networks.

Our Investigations program includes

  • Verification of targets: customs – online – any other source
  • IDisclosure of clusters, supply chain
  • Exploring cost saving measures and potential further legal steps on foreign customs detentions
  • Manage online and offline investigations
  • Provide briefings and trend reports
  • Test purchases