The Anti-Counterfeiting Network


React Sustains

React Sustains has the goal of processing the confiscated goods through to destruction, in a responsibly effective and sustainable manner. This is essential to protect consumers and rights holders, ensuring that the infringing product does not find its way back into the channels of commerce; and by maximizing their recycling consistent with international environmental standards.


In 2012 React started participating in a Dutch Social Workplace, called DWZ B.V. Currently we process at DWZ counterfeits seized in the Netherlands but also from Belgium and recently, Germany. Article 25 of the EU anti-counterfeiting customs regulation has facilitated the cross-border transportation within the EU particularly for the sake of recycling these goods. Customs surveillance and other regulation ensure that the goods are correctly recycled.

Advantages for our Members

The cost of storage and destruction is often a burden for trademark owners. The React Sustains programme in The Netherlands shows a cost saving of 40% compared to a situation where the goods have been destroyed in the traditional manner. Importantly, this means more budget left to fight the trade in counterfeited goods.


tons of counterfeit goods is being processed at the facility of DWZ


hours social/patient participation is being generated each year

The main advantage of our sustainable program

  • Social benefits by offering social workplaces attractive work options
  • Significant Co2 reductions by recycling the counterfeited goods
  • A secure, socially responsible, sustainable and cost-effective method for the disposal of counterfeited goods
  • Relief of the burden to administer, store and dispose of counterfeited goods
  • Assurance that infringing goods are destroyed