Customs Enforcement

A top priority for React is to develop a strong partnership with Customs Authorities. Currently we already work closely with Customs in 90 countries around the world.

As the global trend towards purchasing via the Internet leads towards a multitude of smaller shipments mostly posted via international or express mail, the challenge for Customs to detect and process such consignments of counterfeit goods has become enormous and the importance of strong support from rights owners has never been so important. React acts as a facilitator in this cooperation, often acting on behalf of the rights owner, assisting to complete Customs Applications, as well as handling all seizure cases, including all communication, sampling, and storage, recycling or destruction. 

Against this backdrop, the provision of training and the improvement of understanding between rights owners and Customs has never been so important.  Currently React organizes and delivers more than 80 training events and seminars around the world bringing the parties together using a very practical “hands on” approach.

As a Member of React you have the opportunity to assist Customs through our comprehensive public/private training program at key sea ports, airports and other points of entry. We have designated React personnel who are personally responsible to nurture and maintain this high level of contact and liaison.

The starting point for protecting your brand is to ensure that you have the right Customs Applications in place and make sure these are recorded with the Customs Department in the respective country. React can assist you with this and will ensure that the right information is provided to Customs at the right time. We can also discuss with you the most likely ports through which counterfeit copies of your goods might be shipped and then pass on this information to Customs, together with any further detailed profile information.

REACT will be on hand to support you in all seizure cases, assisting with communication, sampling, storage and destruction. This is where the vast experience of the React network is particularly relevant. Most cases are resolved through an administrative legal process and the seized goods are dealt with and destroyed within a relatively short period of time.

Where possible we encourage the recycling of forfeited products through our recycling facilities which not only saves you money but also supports your environmental reporting responsibilities.

When seizures are made at export in source countries there is also a significant potential to gather information and intelligence on the routes and shipping patterns of counterfeit shipments.

As a Member of React you can then use the international network we have established to alert Customs and Police in other potential destination ports and consumption markets and enable them to take immediate practical enforcement action. In this way, the global React network can be used to support your own global anti-counterfeiting strategy.

In appropriate cases, React can also assist with filing claims and recovering damages.

The main advantages of our Customs Enforcement Program:

  • Included in our membership fee in most countries
  • We have built strong relationships with Customs
  • We cover about 80 countries worldwide
  • End-to-end service
  • Low cost 

For more information about React's Customs Enforcement services, please contact:

React HQ
Amstelveenseweg 864
1081 JM Amsterdam, The Netherlands
T +31 20 6406363