The Anti-Counterfeiting Network


Thousands of counterfeit items seized In Beverwijk, Netherlands

Thursday 6th February 2020 – Months of preparation by the Dutch National Police in cooperation with Police North-Holland and investigators at React Netherlands Headquarters culminated last Thursday in a major operation at the Midi Center Business Park in Beverwijk.


It follows an earlier raid which took place on 12th September 2019 following allegations of widespread fraudulent activity.


Supported by the National Public Prosecutor’s Office and in conjunction with brand representatives and 92 Police Officers, React was on hand to provide expertise during a closed search of 25 Telecom stores at the multi-storey premises, all suspected of selling counterfeit goods.


Thousands of counterfeit items were seized including hazardous chargers and batteries. The goods will be processed through React’s sustainable recycling partnership with DWZ B.V.


The Midi Center has come under increasing scrutiny for suspected criminal activity and investigations are ongoing into suspected counterfeit activities along with previous allegations of money laundering and forgery.