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Introducing our new Online Enforcement manager in Asia


We are pleased to introduce the newest member to React, Werner Heijink.  Werner will be based in Guangzhou and will be co-managing React China with Yu Bo.  Werner is no stranger to React, having worked for 5 years at React HQ in The Netherlands handling Online Enforcement and Online Investigations since 2011. He was then responsible for supporting the Online Enforcement Team by initiating legal cases against uncooperative Internet Service Providers.  Werner obtained his Bachelors in Law in 2012 and has a wide range of experience in the legal and educational sectors in both The Netherlands and in China.


Werner will be heading up React China’s online enforcement team as well as our Asia online enforcement operations supporting Eli Mufisovski, our Global Manager for React’s Online Enforcement Program. Yu Bo will lead React China’s Investigations and Customs Units.  With Werner and Yu Bo leading the team in React China, we are well-positioned to provide strong support to our members in the areas of Online Enforcement, Customs Protection, Market Surveys, Enforcement and Investigations. If you have any queries on China, please contact Werner or Yu Bo or on Asia generally, Jonathan


Werner will be attending React Asia’s Committee Meeting in Shanghai on 26 June 2019. Members interested to attend can contact Jonathan at the abovementioned email.