The Anti-Counterfeiting Network


Factory Compliance Audits

REACT will be providing audit services for brands ensuring compliance in the manufacturing factories they have engaged in Asia. We work closely with our members ensuring goods are sourced from factories with established compliance and brand protection standards.

The audits are designed with a focus in improving brand protection, supply chain security, subcontracting compliance through audits, corrective action plans/management, capacity building/monitoring and training. Processes, procedures and systems are developed to ensure all proprietary information of each member is protected at all times.

With a comprehensive focus on brand protection, audits are designed to safeguard the reputation of the member’s brands i.e. Intellectual Property that are internationally recognized and could be targeted for illegal activities such as counterfeiting, trademark infringement etc. From raw materials to finished goods, the audit ensures suppliers and manufacturers have strict procedures and systems in place to ensure all Intellectual Property of the member is safeguarded and limit the risk of any violations. The program covers several aspects of Brand Protection including but not limited to Photo Control, Sample Control, Sub-contracting Control on Printing, Embroidery or Washing (print screens, artwork, digital artwork etc), Control of Raw Material with brand logo or Trademark, Controlled storage of finished goods / warehouse access control, Control of Rejected Garments / Overproduction, Destruction Control and Sell-Off of excess production.

Members can additionally opt for the supply chain security (SCS) program as well. This is designed to promote safe and secure supply chain practices in the regions and factories the products are being sourced from. The SCS audit was developed in conjunction with the US Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism program (C-TPAT) in order to ensure all importers and manufacturers exceed and meet all global supply chain and security requirements during the movement of goods from the point of origin to the final destination. This is further imperative to ensure the factory is manufacturing the products in the correct and approved facilities and noting the appropriate manufacturer on commercial shipment documents and not subcontracting orders without brand approval.

Our audit programs serve a wide range of industries with experienced staff conversant in local and regional languages, members will be able to obtain cost effective services in the region in a timely manner.

Please contact Jonathan Selvasegaram for more information.