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45 arrested in Comunidad Valenciana for trafficking in counterfeit products

The National Police has culminated one of the biggest actions against the selling of counterfeit products in Comunidad Valenciana, one of the main provinces in Spain for the high affluence of tourists. This operation has been carried out during the last three months in the localities of Benidorm, Denia and Manises against flea markets and wholesale warehouses.
In these actions the representatives of the well-known brands, as well as REACT on behalf of the members, were required by authorities in order to assist them during the raid actions. The figure of the representative is very important in these actions to help Police to verify the counterfeit nature of the products, which some of them were almost an identical copy to the genuine ones.
These raid actions took place in the flea markets of Benidorm and Denia, where authorities seized about 6,000 counterfeits products (mostly textiles of well-known brands), however the most important raid action was the one carried out in Manises against five wholesale warehouses on February 4th, which sold and distributed a high quantity of counterfeit products (mostly mobile accessories and games)
As a result of these actions 45 people were arrested for crimes against industrial property and about 200,000 products were seized (mostly watches, handbags, mobile phones accessories and electronics, batteries, wallets, shoes, clothing and sportswear) whose sale value in official stores would exceed 4,000,000 euros.

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