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React Turkey

Turkey, Israel, Albania

İstanbul, Kadıkö, Turkey

Turkey is a very large and important market and due to its geographical position between Europe and Asia, it also represents an entry/transit point for goods coming from the border countries.

The service we are offering in Turkey is profound because of our nation wide dense network  and at low costs: a professional investigation; a specialised IP law service as well as good contacts with law enforcement.

The coast region of Turkey with popular tourist destinations is very often a target for counterfeit sellers. React monitors such location and organises immediate and low cost enforcement.

Customs and police cases can be followed up from initial info/seizure through storage/destruction organization and/or final court decision (when necessary). Practice learns that this results in swift resolving of cases by settlements whereby the costs are transferred to the infringer.

The REACT Turkey office is constantly developing good cooperation with brand owners, the Customs and other authorities in charged for IP enforcement and it is active in training seminars and similar activities.


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