REACT Annual General Meeting Amsterdam: 18+19 April 2024

The Anti-Counterfeiting Network

React Germany

Austria, Germany, Switzerland


Neue Jülicher Straße 60
52353 Düren

React Germany offers a comprehensive package of services to combat counterfeiting in close collaboration with customs and other law enforcement authorities. Both are very active and willing to support rights owners in taking action against counterfeits. In cooperation with our external lawyers and professional investigators we are able to follow-up on all investigative and legal issues. Beside of adapting the customs application for the German ZGR system and the full handling of customs seizure we draft expertise, file criminal complaints and conduct online/offline test purchases and investigations. The Austrian customs notification are handled and covered by our React office in Germany and on top of this a full local service can be provided.

Daniela Koal
T +49 2421 952 290

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