The Anti-Counterfeiting Network

World's most trusted partner in anti-counterfeiting

React is a not-for-profit organization with over 30 years experience and has in excess of 315 business Members covering all sectors of industry. React consists in fact of two pillars. React Operational: supporting members in their anti-counterfeiting strategies by providing customs – online – and market enforcement services at non-commercial fees. And the React Foundation: to support activities to protect all rights holders, consumers and governments against the negative consequences of the trade in counterfeited goods.

1. Customs Enforcement

A top priority for React is to develop a strong partnership with Customs Authorities. Currently we work closely with Customs in more than 120 countries around the world.

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2. Market enforcement

Our large network enables us to perform on site investigations, inspections and test purchases in more than 120 countries. We make regular market surveys and monitor markets worldwide often resulting in immediate practical enforcement action when counterfeit products are being found.

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3. Online enforcement

The React Online Enforcement Program is designed specifically to facilitate online findings to offline enforcement using the global React anti-counterfeiting program. It is a high quality, low cost, adaptable service that can be used separately or combined with other React operational services, to address the rise of online counterfeit purchases.

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