Receiving feedback from law enforcement officers is also crucial in improving the content and effectiveness of training delivery. We are also very keen to receive suggestions as to the possibility of training in a particular country, port, or location, so that it is aligned with your anti counterfeiting strategy. Our international training programme is regularly discussed in the IPR Business Partnership. These quarterly meetings are also open to Customs and other enforcement bodies. React offers Members different training opportunities:

  • One day and multiple day training events: offering each brand a slot to address law enforcement officers how to identify counterfeit products
  • Market stall style training: Rights owners operate a stand/stall and meet law enforcement officers individually to discuss key identification information, specific issues and trends relating to their brands
  • Briefing sessions on specific topics as well as networking opportunities
  • Private meetings with Customs ports

Although we believe that the training effort is more effective when a company delegate provides the training in the appropriate national language, React staff are available to represent your brand(s) during a training session if this is more convenient and/or cost effective.

React offices and partners organize over 100 seminars each year in strategic locations around the world. Please check our seminar calendar or the React Member portal for a summary of our upcoming seminars.

The main advantages of our Seminar Program:

  • One day and multiple day training events
  • Informative sessions as well as networking opportunities
  • Private meetings with Customs ports
  • Markets of brand owner stands
  • Over 100 seminars each year in strategic locations

For more information about React seminars, please contact:

React HQ
Amstelveenseweg 864
1081 JM Amsterdam, The Netherlands
T +31 20 6406363