Market Monitoring

Despite the growth of online sales, the monitoring of suspect shops, markets and bazaars is still an important activity for React.

Our large network enables us to perform on site investigations, inspections and test purchases in about 80 countries.  This service may include:

  • organizing inspections, test purchases and investigations of markets, shops and stands
  • assisting the authorities in market raids
  • legal follow up like sending C&D-letters, criminal complaints and representation in court cases

React’s training seminars provide direct contact between React Members and Customs, Police and other law enforcement officers.  This national/ local contact and relationship building assists Members in prioritizing and targeting the right markets to monitor using the most appropriate methods.

The main advantages of our Market Monitoring Program:

  • Organizing inspections and test purchases
  • Monitoring of markets, shops, stands and events
  • Our strong relationships with Law Enforcement Authorities
  • We cover about 80 countries worldwide
  • Legal follow up

For more information about our Market Monitoring services, please contact:

React HQ
Amstelveenseweg 864
1081 JM Amsterdam, The Netherlands
T +31 20 6406363