Domain name procedures

As a new service, React provides their members with the opportunity to file complaints under the UDRP-procedure. In case of any form of domain name grabbing or cybersquatting, this procedure may offer an economic and effective solution.
Currently domain name litigations are expensive because of the court fees and your own legal expenses. It is however clear that more and more cybersquatters register domain names in order to make profit (by keeping them occupied until someone offers them a certain amount of money), abuse them for phishing, or to sell counterfeit items for example. In case your trademark is being used by entities which registered a similar domain name without any legitimate right or interest, it might be possible for the trademark holder to obtain or cancel this domain name by following the procedure.

  • React will be happy to carry out this procedure for you, by setting up and filing the complaint. We see opportunities to reduce the costs significantly by taking this up ourselves. We have developed the expertise needed and with our not for profit character we will manage a considerable reduction in the legal fees. Case by case will be different but we will maintain the usual low level of hourly fee of React. Furthermore, most domainnames are in one way or the other linked to other websites with infringing domain names. Under the current UDRP case law, those cases can be lodged in one complaint, decreasing the costs considerably. With our wide membership we are in the position to interest also colleague rights owners to join the complaints.

Please contact us for more information about the UDRP-procedure.

Vivianne Vermeulen
Legal counsel React