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Successful Raid Operation by React Turkey 50.000 counterfeit product packaging seized

Following an investigation carried out React Turkey has recently conducted a successful raid operation in Istanbul.

Upon an intelligence received by React Turkey team a field investigation has conducted. It was found out that counterfeit OSRAM packages have been printing in a printing house in Istanbul. React Turkey team investigated the area and located the counterfeit products and the production place. Following the investigation police teams were sent to the related area.

In collaboration with the police forces raid action conducted immediately. As a result of this successful raid action 50.000 Osram packages printed on 8.200 cartons were seized and the complaint to the Prosecution Office was carried out.

This raid action is a proof of the importance of every piece of intelligence and investigation to identify the counterfeiters. The seizures against the counterfeit product packaging producers always have a huge importance to prevent counterfeit production.

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