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Continuous expansion of services in Africa

As an update on our continuous expansion in Africa, I would like to inform our new partnership with the company Halliday Finch. With a vast experience in brand protection in several countries, React partnership will, at first stage, focus in Nigeria.

Country Overview

Nigeria provides huge opportunities to brand owners seeking to expand their business and enter new markets. However, the Nigerian marketplace is becoming seriously affected by counterfeited brands. This is a result of expanding urban populations, a burgeoning middle class and an increasing demand for branded goods by those who lack the means to buy them. Weak border controls coupled with a general lack of knowledge on the harm counterfeited products can have on people and the economy has meant that the situation has worsened over the last 10 years. That said, some significant headway is being made. Through training programmes that increase awareness and knowledge of the problem; there is a greater willingness to tackle it by the Nigerian Justice System. This has in turn led to an increase in prosecutions, which is having an impact on the illicit supply chain of the counterfeiters.
Halliday Finch’s Capabilities in Nigeria:

  • A deep understanding of counterfeit and illicit supply chains
  • Deep relationship with the National Justice Department, Law Enforcement Agencies and Anticounterfeit agencies.
  • 42 local and international investigators
  • An average of 5 enforcements a week, every week for the last 4 years
  • Over 150 prosecutions including a custodial sentence
  • A toll-free 24/7 number for law enforcement agents to report suspect containers to or stores

Halliday Finch’s Brand Protection Methodology is market intelligence and evidence led. Our specialist investigators, trained Brand Protection Officers and certified product experts work closely with the Nigerian customs and police to identify counterfeit goods, their sources and suppliers and acquire actionable intelligence that leads to seizures and prosecutions in a court of law.
Halliday Finch’s Port Watch Training Programme has been running successfully in Nigeria for the last two years. It is a unique initiative with two elements. The first is the training of LEAs in strategic ports across Nigeria. The training ensures those at the frontline of tackling this crime are equipped with the expertise necessary to disrupt the illegal supply chain. The second element is a comprehensive action plan which provides ongoing support to LEAs and port authorities in Nigeria to ensure that your brand is protected for up to 12 months. In 2019, Halliday Finch will be holding training sessions in each of the following cities: Lagos, Kaduna and Port Harcourt. Thereby ensuring all key frontline staff are trained in the unique identification marks of the brands we represent and the skills necessary to identify suspect containers. Training attendees: Standards Organisation Nigeria (SON), National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), Marine Police, the Nigeria Police Force and Nigeria Customs Administration.
In conclusion and summarizing React has partners, or are able to operate through them in the following countries in the ME&A region.


  • Morocco - Transworld Protection
  • Tunisia and Algeria - Al Mensi & Associes
  • Egypt - AAA Egypt
  • Kenya - Spoor & Fisher Jersey
  • Tanzânia - Spoor & Fisher Jersey
  • Mauritius - Kuasa Ltd
  • South Africa - Spoor & Fisher
  • Namíbia, Botswana, Zimbabue, Swaziland, Lesoto and Mozambique, in spite there are no physical presence of partners in these countries, Spoor & Fisher South Africa is able to provide enforcement services.
  • Ghana - Industry and Market Support Systems (IMSS)
  • Nigeria - Halliday Fitch

Middle East

  • UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar - AAA
  • Iran, Jordan and Sudan - TLG

In case you would like to receive more information about our services in Middle East / Africa. Feel free to contact us.
For more information, please contact Paulo Pereira at