The Anti-Counterfeiting Network


React Business update March 2020

React has observed a sharp increase in online trade, owing in large to shops being closed and people self-isolating. Evidence is already pointing towards an increase in online sales and trading activity with the counterfeit trade online in particular seeking to take advantage of the public need for specific products (especially now that the Chinese factories have re started business operations).

Furthermore, it is anticipated that there will be a clear trend of increased  online dumping of branded goods. React is here, and has plans in place to support our members proactively in this respect and has now begun the immediate upscale of online monitoring process globally.
All subsequent follow up actions including those specific to action against grey imports are to the forefront of our thinking.

React LEGAL ( can advise on the different options (globally) available to each of our members and advise on which action to pursue when confronted with this disruptive trade, either fake or grey!

If you have any concerns, please reach out to us directly.