The Anti-Counterfeiting Network


Production Place Operation in Turkey

React Turkey, in collaboration with the police department of Istanbul, has successfully conducted a raid of a detergent production place in Istanbul.

The React Turkey team was present at all stages of the raid actions in order to assist officials. It was found that an entrance of a building was used as a production facility. There were many semi-finished counterfeit products including detergent chemicals, labels, box tapes and empty parcels. It has been also understood that the counterfeiters were trying to move the production facility to another place very soon.

Following products have seized during the operation; 61 pieces of Domestos drums (3240 ml), 176 pieces of Domestos drums (750 ml), 5000 piece of Domestos labels (3240 ml), 2000 pieces of Domestos labels (750 ml), 10 pieces of Domestos box tapes , 2371 pieces of Domestos empty parcels.

After the operation legal procedure has been initiated and React Turkey lawyers follow up the case.

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