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Police seized 12,000 counterfeit products in Cobo Calleja (Fuenlabrada).


On April 5, the Madrid and Fuenlabrada Police concluded with the "Operation Bamba", an action developed in two phases, in which the Police registered a warehouse in the industrial estate of Cobo Calleja, located in Fuenlabrada (Madrid). As a result of these actions, 12,000 counterfeit products were seized. According to the authorities, the distributors would have obtained a benefit of €350,000 in the market with these seized products. Also, the police are investigating seven people involved in this case of counterfeit shoes for a crime against Industrial Property.

The actions began to be organized at the beginning of February, when the officers observed, after several raid actions in the different street markets, that the sale of counterfeit shoes of important brands had increased. So, after these raid actions, they made an investigation and finally obtained information about the distribution site and the distributors.

This Police´s action was extended in time because the distributor tried to hide the products. However, the authorities discovered that the distributor had saved the products in a small room where they found thousands of labels, logos and all the tools to transform shoes in sports brands shoes.

In this raid action, the representatives of the well-known brands, as well as REACT on behalf of the members, were required by authorities in order to assist them during the raid action. In these cases, the figure of the representative is very important to help Police to verify the counterfeit nature of the products.