The Anti-Counterfeiting Network


Moving to online customs training opportunities

A strong partnership with the Customs authorities has always been a top priority for React. Once a customs recordal is filed, React will support our Members in the training of the customs officials.
We organize approximately 150 training seminars for Customs/Police annually as well as strategic group meetings for our members worldwide. 

Due to the outbreak, the times have now changed and currently we are unfortunately unable to travel to meet and train Customs officers. To keep in contact with Customs and to keep Customs up to date about the latest product information of our Members, we have begun to organize online customs training events.  

In addition, we can now assist our Members in creating instruction video clips for Customs. In these short videos we explain how to identify counterfeit products and share this with Customs officers in the local language on our secured Member portal.


  • Online customs training events
    Live online training ‘events' are organised for customs officers. The invitations will be provided via email and you can simply register by replying to the email. We will charge €100 per online training event and an additional €50 per hour in case you wish React to represent you and assist you with the translation.
    The duration of the presentation depends on the number of Member participations. Slots will vary between 10-30 minutes per member.
    We have organized online training events in: Macedonia, Paraguay, Panama, Portugal, Lithuania & Benelux. And more to follow!
  • Video clips for customs (and police)
    We can provide short instruction videos for Customs officers per brand or per product. The videos are uploaded on our secured Member portal and each officer with an authorized account will be able to view the instruction video. We can assist our Members in translating the videos. The Member can manage the authorization of the law enforcement agents consulting the videos

In case you need additional information about one of these services, please contact us.