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More Than 200.000 counterfeit products seized during huge operation of local police officials

React Turkey in collaboration with the local police department of Istanbul has managed to identify and successfully raid a production site of pre-production accessories used in counterfeit textiles such as jeans, pants and similar products.

React Turkey lawyers were present at all stages of the raid in order to assist local officials with identifying a total of 202800, later to be confirmed counterfeit, material which were then seized and transferred to be secured in official trustee warehouses. Although total market value of the seized products is estimated around 50000€ the end products denied to be produced by this raid would multiply this amount by at least 10.

React Turkey puts special emphasis on identifying and raiding all stages of counterfeit production to make sure all embranchments of this cycle are hit and do not go unpunished.

The raid action itself took several hours as defendant Melike Sarıtaş and employees resisted verbally as well as physically and brought the action to several halts at times.

All involved members confirmed the seized materials to be counterfeit and legal procedure against Melike Sarıtaş have been initiated.


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