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Expansion of React! 10 new partnerships

This summer was good for the expansion of React! We have 10 new partnerships in Montenegro, Czech R/Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Ukraine. But also in Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodja and Malaysia.




Radonjic Associates;  

Key partners: Vladimir Radonjic, Maja Velimirovic, Damjan Milic, Katarina Ivanovic 


We have worked without a partnership in Montegro so far. Better to complete the partnerships in all countries in the region 


Czech Republic and Slovakia 

Petr Holy/Marketa Shubik: 

We change our set up in Czech R/Slovakia from a React agency (for more than 10 years) into a partnership. With the agency, React takes the full office costs, whereas in a partnership, we pay per case. Two reasons for the change:  

  • An ongoing deficit situation for React since the number of cases in Cz Republic decreased
  • We wanted to raise the legal level of the services rendered in these countries

Marketa has partnered with Peter Holy (who worked for Rott, Ruzcika and Guttmann and various other reputed IP firms in Prague. Petr is a very experienced IP lawyer and in the new set up he will manage the legal part and Marketa the practical on the ground services. The fees chart for Czech R/Slovakia will remain unchanged 



SYNERGY IP Law Agency  

Keypartner: Viktoriya Ostapchuk, 

Ukraine is becoming more important in anti-counterfeiting due to an increasingly active customs. We already have a partner lawfirm but the volume is such that we prefer to offer our members an alternative option. 

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Fina LLP 

Keypartner: MR. Nariman Ramazanov 

This partnership is to complete our presence in the Caucasus region 

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Siarhej Zikratski Law Agency 
Keypartner: Serhei Zikratski, 

Belarus customs has become more active. In order to provide our members an option for enforcement, we opted for the partnership with this recommended lawfirm 

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SIngle practicioner: Alisher Rahmatov (lawyer) 

In order to complete our presence in Central Asia, we have concluded the partnership with the private practicioner who was recommended by members.

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V Chong W Lam Advocates and Solicitors, Kuala Lumpur  

Key partners – Vincent Chong and Wendy Lam 

Although enforcement in Malaysia not often requires the invovlement of a lawyer, we still propose this partnership for the following reasons: 

Sometimes brands need to issue a legal letter or file a civil suit. As an alternative service provider for our partner Osiris.  

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Daruherdani, Sibrani & Co 

Key partner: Benhard Sibarani 

Law firm that are currently supporting our members, Bosch, Hyundai, Philips, Epson, Harley Davidson and have been providing good services so far at relatively fair rates, particularly compared to the exorbitant fees charged by other service providers in Indonesia. 

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Myanmar and Cambodia 

Access Asia Consulting 

Key partner: Chandler Vandergrift 

This consulting firm is based in Bangkok but they have been able to provide services in Myanmar and Cambodia through their local partners at reasonable fees. They recently went to Shanghai and presented to our members. They have been providing services to one of our members in Myanmar recently with a good result

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