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Criminal Raid Report 2nd Round of Successful action against Wholesalers of Counterfeit Watches

We are very pleased to report yet another successful criminal enforcement operation conducted on 23rd Nov 2019 at 5 locations in Mumbai, Maharashtra area. The targets were wholesalers/distributors who were supplying to almost all parts of Maharashtra, Gujrat and goa.

Collecting trails and linking evidence from the previous raid, Police conducted another round of comprehensive investigation and surveillance followed by identifying 5 suspected traders which were selling counterfeit watches. The search & seizure operation was conducted by the local police of that area.

During the operation, police seized a total quantity from all the five locations is 1325 units of fake watches of various brands. The estimated value of the total seizure is approx.. INR 147,15,00.00 (USD 2100.00) The owners of the shops were arrested by the police and further interrogation is being conducted.

The seizure was lower than the expected one as it was found out that a day before the raid another Law & Enforcement Authorities had conducted the search & Seizure operation hence the substantial part of the market was shut down out of anxiety and fear. FIR was filed in MRA Marg Police Station.

The following brands were found during the operations.

Tissot - 145 pcs
Audemars Piguet - 10 pcs
Calvin Klein - 115 pcs
Patek Philippe - 08 pcs
Tag Heuer - 11 pcs
Loneliness - 07 pcs
Omega - 39
Hublot - 09 pcs
Rado - 279
Swarovski - 47 pcs
Rolex - 21 pcs

Feel free to reach out to the undersigned, should you need any further information or have relevant queries.



Vinita Lamba | South Asia Manager | Legal Counsel