The Anti-Counterfeiting Network


React is expanding its services in the Caucasus.

The first React training in the Region took place in Yerevan, Armenia in March 2019. The event was greeted with a very warm welcome of the participating Customs and Police officers, close attention of the Armenian Government and Media. Great work done by React Partner in Armenia and React Team! And of course, the most valuable contribution of React Members and Armenian Authorities by taking part in the event.
Despite Armenia, React has also recently expanded its services in Azerbaijan and Georgia by appointing partners there. Our members are welcome to use our services to enforce their intellectual property rights in these countries. Also, a training seminar in Tbilisi, Georgia will take place in the end of May (date still to be confirmed), so follow the news!

React Baltics is now strengthening its forces in anti-counterfeiting all over Region.
Customs and Police trainings are upcoming in April in all three Baltic states – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Also, React Baltics joined the Market Survey project, which now includes 7 locations in all the Region. One of the main goals in the region is to maintain strong relationship with local Police and customs and to enhance the online enforcement.