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Collaboration between authorities and React Spain in 2019


The raid actions carried out by the Authorities in collaboration with React increased in Spain during 2019. React is very grateful for the interest that the Authorities show in the fight against counterfeit. Below we mention some of the most relevant raid actions which took place in 2019.

Puerto Banus
The Puerto Banus street market was interrupted on 5th of January 2019, one of the days with higher sales, due to a raid carried out by the Spanish Guardia Civil and Local Police. Hundreds of coats and home articles bearing the brands Moncler and Ralph Lauren were seized.

La Jonquera
Counterfeits valued on more than 300.000€ were seized in La Jonquera on 8th August 2019. The Local Police found out counterfeit T-shirts, sneakers, sweaters and handbags among other products. Members of the Fiscal Analysis Office and experts of the affected brands investigated the shop to determinate that the products were counterfeit.

Over 230 clothes were seized at the weekly market in Oriñon on 11th August 2019.
The Spanish Guardia Civil of Cantabria investigated two men from Senegal of 41 and 56 years and neighbours of Cantabria due to a crime against Intellectual Property as they were selling products that were likely to be counterfeit.  

On 19th August 2019 the Spanish Guardia Civil seized 2046 counterfeit products in five shops in Mallorca. Six people were investigated for a crime against Intellectual Property.
The raid was carried out by agents of the Fiscal and Border Patrol of the Spanish Guardia Civil of Porto Cristo.
On 16th September 2019 a shop was inspected by the Fiscal and Border Patrol of the Spanish Guardia Civil.

The Spanish Guardia Civil seized counterfeit products in Laredo on 30th August 2019. The raid was carried out at different places of ambulant sales at Laredo Festival. The Guardia Civil found out 465 articles that may be counterfeit. The estimated value of these articles if they were genuine would be around 78.200€.

For all the above, on 20th December 2019 React granted a recognition to the Operative Command of the Fiscal and Border Service of the Spanish Guardia Civil to thank them for their excellent work.