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Chile seizure of over 1.1. million counterfeit food supplement capsules during the Covid-19 pandemic

The National Customs Service in Chile has conducted a remarkable proceeding at Talcahuano port.

1.187.820 food supplements capsules, valued at US$ 15.953, were seized in the country.
The cargo came from Ningbo, China, and arrived at San Vicente port in the Region of Bio Bio.
Supervising officers from Talcahuano Regional Customs, based on the risk profiles and documentary analysis, detected the fraudulent import, not excluding the possibility that the mentioned supplements might contain ingredients with harmful effects for the consumer's security and health.
The Chemical Laboratory from the National Customs Service in Valparaiso and the Institute of Public Health (ISP), have already concluded that other toxic components such as yohimbine and sibutramine were found in the retained goods. 
We would like to highlight the commitment of the Chilean Customs during this pandemic, safeguarding the public's health, one of our most important assets.

Disclaimer: The owner of the trademark applied to the retained goods is not represented by React.