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Big seizure of sportswear in Greece

The Financial Crime Unit of the Ministry of Finance (SDOE) seized a total of 81.490 garments, mainly sports uniforms, bearing the trademarks of well-known football clubs from England, France, Germany, Spain and Greece, trademarks of various national football teams, as well as trademarks of sportswear companies sponsoring football clubs. The counterfeits were stored in two warehouses in the area of Athens, which were operated by an infringer considered to be one of the major players in the trade of counterfeited sportswear.  The infringer was arrested and is now charged for trademark infringement and forgery, while the goods were effectively destroyed.  React’s partner in Greece coordinated the whole operation and represented a number of React members in the procedure, securing that counterfeits are destroyed and all expenses are proportionally divided between the brand owners.

React welcomes any information on counterfeiting activities in Greece and any other country. Such information will be treated confidentially and will be evaluated for the purposes of locating and raiding wholesalers and distribution networks.

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