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Largest Customs detention in the history in Ecuador


The largest Customs detention in the history of Ecuador has recently taken place at its border, involving more than 600,000 counterfeit products, which includes chargers, headphones, cables and packaging ready to be assembled at their final destination.  

After receiving an alert from Manzanillo Customs in México about a transshipment of products suspected of infringing the IP rights of several brands with final destination Guayaquil- Ecuador, jointly with the support of our Local Partners we monitored its route closely.  

Once the cargo arrived at its destination, in coordination with Ecuador Customs and despite the fact that this type of procedures are not normally carried out in the country (there have been less than 20 border measures since 2016), the merchandise was duly inspected and a border measure request was filed with the local IP Office.  

This action has been possible thanks to the transnational effort and coordination between the public and private sector, which allowed us, despite this year’s local restrictions, to obtain this mega seizure of counterfeit products.