Please contact our Portuguese office for more information about our services in Portugal:

REACT Portugal
Avenida 5 de Outubro 151-8D
1050-053 Lisboa
T: +35 1 21357 5033
Contact: Mr Paulo Pereira

Portugal, although a small country with 10 million inhabitants, has a high quality and strong culture of manufacturing textile, footwear and leather goods. This know-how is often used to produce counterfeiting goods which not only feed the internal market but also is used to export to other European countries. Street markets and touristic areas spread all over the country are also hot spots for selling fake products. With a coastline of over 1.000 km, Portugal is also a port of entry to Europe for goods coming from Asia and Africa. REACT has set up a programme with the Portuguese customs authorities, with which we entered into an agreement. Part of the agreement was to provide the Portuguese customs with digital cameras to facilitate the identification process, access to our site with brand information; file applications for protection for companies and the organization of training sessions. Our team has also built a strong relationship with the local LEA's which allows a joint fight against counterfeiting. All cases can be follow up either by our team or when necessary, due to the complexity of the cases, by a law firm REACT has preferential rates.  

Our services in Portugal

  • Amicable settlements and/or negotiation settlement following Customs actions
  • Appearing in court hearings in criminal proceedings as witnesses or experts
  • Attending personal hearing
  • Desk research
  • Drafting and filing of administrative complaints
  • Drafting and filing of criminal complaints
  • Drafting and filing of expert reports, affidavits and written witness statements
  • Filing a demand for a raid
  • Filing Customs applications
  • Filing surveillance letter
  • Follow up Customs/Police cases (C&D letters, negotiations, settlement drafting)
  • Handling court proceedings (appeals and civil claims)
  • Informing Customs officers on brand details
  • Organize and assist the police and relevant authorities in market raids
  • Organize inspections and investigations of markets, shops and events
  • Organize test purchases
  • Organizing the transportation, storage, destruction and, wherever possible, the recycling of counterfeit products
  • Organizing training sessions and information meetings for Police, Customs and/or Trade Inspection authorities
  • Preparing and submitting civil actions (including C&D letters)
  • Simplified procedure

Country Procedures

  • Customs applications are available and are mandatory for Customs procedures
  • Customs applications are valid for 1 year (renewable)
  • Simplified procedure
  • Customs will act ex officio
  • Deadline for response to Customs notification of detention is 10 days extendable for an extra 10 days period
  • Deadline for importer to respond to seizure is 10 days
  • Public Prosecutor office is tasked with taking criminal action against infringers 
  • Remedies available under criminal law: imprisionment up to 3 years or fine up to 360 days, destruction of goods, closure of facilities and equipment
  • Proof of knowledge of counterfeiting is required
  • Ex parte orders available: freezing of assets
  • Interim injunctions available and damages and costs available by filling a civil claim under the criminal proceedings or by ex-officio agreements
  • Contributory liability remedy available: sometimes court can determine the provisional suspension of the case under the payment from the defendant of a contributory amount to social institutions