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Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
T +5411 4896 2751
Contact: Ms Estela de Luca

Paraguay is a country of 6 million people located at the center of South America. Its geopolitical position and free trade practices turns it into a country of huge relevance in connection to IP protection in the region. This, particularly considering that most imported goods are not destined for the local market but (re)exported to other countries in the Latam Region. Main important ports are located in Asunción, Encarnación, Pedro Juan Caballero and Ciudad del Este. Paraguay has borders with Brazil, Argentina, and Bolivia and is a member of MERCOSUR (Common Market of the South), which also includes Uruguay and Venezuela. Most of the imports are a transit trade with Brazil and Argentina as the final destinations. The shipments arrive via water, land or air and are sold to foreign buyers mainly in Ciudad del Este (city located at the triple border with Brazil and Argentina). In fact, it is much more profitable for the Brazilian traders to buy the merchandise in Paraguay, rather than to clear them through their international customs, due to the considerably lower taxes, duties, and controls at the triple border free zone. Paraguay also has the fastest growing economy in the region, which is not only due to that huge volume of transit trade, but also to having one of the lowest taxation rates, and for granting important exemptions to industry investments.

Our services in Paraguay

  • Amicable settlements and/or negotiation settlements
  • Appearing in hearings in enforcement procedures
  • Desk research
  • Drafting and filing civil complaints
  • Drafting and filing of criminal complaints
  • Drafting and filing of expert reports, affidavits and written witness statements
  • Drafting and filing preliminary injunctions
  • Filing Customs applications
  • Follow up out-of-court procedures (C&D-letters, negotiations, settlement drafting)
  • Handling court proceedings (criminal or civil in all their instances)
  • Informing Customs officers on brand details
  • Organize and assist the police and relevant authorities in market raids
  • Organize inspections and investigations of markets, shops and events
  • Organize test purchases
  • Organizing the transportation, storage, destruction and, wherever possible, the recycling of counterfeit products
  • Organizing training sessions and information meetings for Police, Customs and/or Trade Inspection authorities
  • Representing Members at training sessions

Country Procedures

  • Customs application available, not mandatory
  • Customs application is valid until the registered trademark remains valid
  • No Simplified procedure
  • Customs will act ex officio
  • Deadline for response to Customs notification of detention is 10 days to communicate that a judicial action has been filed or that a Judge has ordered precautionary measures designed to extend the suspension
  • Deadline for importer to respond to seizure is 10 days (appeal for reversal) as from notification of the resolution ordering the suspension of customs procedure
  • Local authorities tasked with taking criminal action against infringers are Customs, Attorney´s General Office and the Paraguayan Trademark Office (DINAPI)
  • Remedies available by law: attachment or confiscation, fine and imprisonment
  • Proof of knowledge of counterfeiting is not required
  • Interim injunctions, contributory liability remedy and damages and costs are available