Please contact our Portuguese office for more information about our services in Morocco:

REACT Portugal
Avenida 5 de Outubro 151-8D
1050-053 Lisboa
T: +35 1 21357 5033
Contact: Mr Paulo Pereira

Morocco has a prominent geographical position granting it a big geostrategic advantage for the development of commercial exchanges in Euro-Mediterranean region. Agreements to open borders with Europe in 2012, and the preferential agreements signed mainly with China and Turkey have increased the flow of goods of all kinds, making Morocco, the gateway to Africa, an exceptional platform through which counterfeiting rushes with ease to reach a wide variety of products. For all these reasons, priority in the fight against counterfeiting should initially focus on Customs actions and secondly, the organization of investigations on the field. Transworld Protection is our local partner and our services in Morocco are being coordinated by our Portuguese office.

Our services in Morocco

  • Amicable settlements and/or negotiation settlement following Customs actions
  • Appearing in court hearings in criminal proceedings as witnesses or experts
  • Attending personal hearing
  • Desk research
  • Drafting and filing of administrative complaints
  • Drafting and filing of criminal complaints
  • Drafting and filing of expert reports, affidavits and written witness statements
  • Filing a demand for a raid
  • Filing Customs applications
  • Filing surveillance letter
  • Follow up Customs/Police cases (C&D letters, negotiations, settlement drafting)
  • Handling court proceedings (appeals and civil claims)
  • Informing Customs officers on brand details
  • Organize and assist the police and relevant authorities in market raids
  • Organize inspections and investigations of markets, shops and events
  • Organize test purchases
  • Organizing the transportation, storage, destruction and, wherever possible, the recycling of counterfeit products
  • Organizing training sessions and information meetings for Police, Customs and/or Trade Inspection authorities
  • Preparing and submitting civil actions (including C&D letters)
  • Simplified procedure

Country Procedures

  • Customs application available
  • Customs application is valid for 1 year
  • Simplified procedure not available / effective
  • Customs act on the basis of a valid Customs Registration
  • Customs notification of detention: it takes 10 working days to complete the procedure (product inspection and authentication, court order obtaining and delivery through bailiff of LEA)
  • Brand owner decides between Civil and Criminal action involving LEA
  • Proof of knowledge of counterfeiting: for Civil actions, the brand owner expertise is enough. For criminal action, LEA forensic team expertise required in addition to the brand owner.
  • Proof of knowledge of counterfeiting is required in case of criminal action
  • Ex parte orders, damages and costs available
  • Interim injunctions not available