Please contact the REACT North-East Europe-office for more information about our services in Lithuania:

REACT North East Europe
Subaciaus g. 15-45
01300 Vilnius
T +370 5 212 2866
Contact: Mr Kazimieras Sarzickas

REACT office in Lithuania was established in 2005. Close working relations with the Lithuanian customs and police are maintained sice then. In 2006 we merged all activities in the Baltic States and coordination and management is now done from the North East Europe Regional Office. Simplified procedure is very actively applied in Lithuania, thus customs cases are resolved easily through quick settlements. For storage and destruction of goods, the enforcement authorities often request the support from rights owners. REACT is supporting its Members in this respect. Police actions in the sales points throughout the country are common under criminal proceedings. 

Country Procedures

  • Customs application is available and mandatory for Customs actions. However, Lithuanian customs proves to be active on ex-officio seizures as well
  • The Customs application is valid for 1 year
  • Simplified procedure is actively applied
  • Customs notification must be responded within 10 business days of the notification
  • Criminal preocedure applies against traders in counterfeit goods and this procedure is widely applied by police
  • Under criminal procedure counterfeit goods are always destroyed irrespective of the final outcome of the case
  • Civil procedure can be initiated in order to claim for damages either within criminal proceedings or independently
  • Interim injuctions are available under civil procedure