Please contact our LAM-office for more information about our services in Bolivia:

React Latin America
O´Higgins 2062, 4th Floor
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
T +5411 4896 2751
Contact: Ms Estela de Luca

Bolivia is a landlocked country located in western-central South America. It is bordered to the north and east by Brazil, to the southeast by Paraguay, to the south by Argentina, the southwest by Chile and to the northwest by Peru. Its largest city and principal economic centres are in the Altiplano. Bolivia is a member of the Andean Community jointly with Colombia, Ecuador and Peru; which common Decision 486 includes legal dispositions related to the defense of intellectual property rights. It is worth mentioning the Peace and Friendship Treaty (1904) through which Chile granted to Bolivia the broadest freedom of commercial transit through its territory and the ports of the Pacific.

Our services in Bolivia

  • Amicable settlements and/or negotiation settlement following Customs actions
  • Amicable settlements and/or negotiation settlements
  • Appearing in court hearings in criminal proceedings as witnesses or experts
  • Appearing in hearings in enforcement procedures
  • Attending personal hearing
  • Desk research
  • Drafting and filing civil complaints
  • Drafting and filing of administrative complaints
  • Drafting and filing of criminal complaints
  • Drafting and filing of expert reports, affidavits and written witness statements
  • Drafting and filing preliminary injunctions
  • Facilitate the handling of court proceedings
  • Filing a demand for a raid
  • Filing surveillance letter
  • Follow up Customs seizures with civil suit for damages
  • Follow up Customs/Police cases (C&D letters, negotiations, settlement drafting)
  • Follow up out-of-court procedures (C&D-letters, negotiations, settlement drafting)
  • Handling court proceedings (appeals and civil claims)
  • Handling court proceedings (criminal or civil in all their instances)
  • Informing Customs officers on brand details
  • Organize and assist the police and relevant authorities in market raids
  • Organize inspections and investigations of markets, shops and events
  • Organize test purchases
  • Organizing the transportation, storage, destruction and, wherever possible, the recycling of counterfeit products
  • Organizing training sessions and information meetings for Police, Customs and/or Trade Inspection authorities
  • Preparing and submitting civil actions (including C&D letters)
  • Representing Members at training sessions
  • Simplified procedure

Country Procedures

    • It is possible to record the POA with SENAPI (Bolivian Trademark Office)
    • Customs will not act ex officio
    • Deadline for response to Customs notification of detention is (in practice): 5 working days (request information) + 5 days (formalize the border measure request) + 10 days (infringement action as from the granting of the border measure)
    • Once the action for infringement has been initiated the importer may file an appeal
    • Local authorities tasked with taking criminal action against infringers are SENAPI, Customs and Courts
    • Remedies available by law: seizure, imprisonment and fine
    • Proof of knowledge of counterfeiting is not required
    • Interim injunctions, contributory liability remedy, damages and costs are all available