Several raids in Turkey


React Turkey has successfully undertaken multiple raids in Istanbul. The cases relate to the production, manufacturing and selling of counterfeit products and the raids resulted from extensive research done by the ReactTurkish team. Similar to the production factory raids performed before, they were able to uncovere these production plants after an investigation was undertaken by the team in the region. They were also able to organise this raid along with local police forces.

One operation resulted in a total amount of 91.290 pieces (consisting of 10.590 pieces of shampoos, 80.000 pieces of labels, 700 pieces of shampoo bottles) that were seized and in the other two operations a total amount of 4.688 pieces of (consisting of handbags and wallets) were seized

React Turkey are particularly pleased to perform such successful seizures and hope to take this case even further if these defendants lead them to other important and attractive targets.