Big raid action in Madrid


A big raid action has been carried out on 30 November 2016 in Madrid at some stores and warehouses owned by an international group.

Local Madrid Police together with Customs Police has dismantled an international group dedicated to the selling of counterfeit textile products. They had been investigating the group for several months and it was decided to carry out the raid action on these dates since it was presumed that with all the coming events (Black Friday, Christmas etc) that week the ware houses had to be filled with products. And that assumption was correct.

In total the raid action was conducted at five establishments including the warehouses, seizing over 85.000 products. A total of five people have been arrested.

The goods could have reached an approximate value of 4.250.000,- euro if they would have been sold on the market. The operation is, to this date, the largest intervention of fake clothing made in the Community of Madrid and one of the largest in Spain.

React provided assistance (authentication and logistics) during the three days of the raid actions in cooperation with the local enforcement authorities.