About us


 React's Mission Objectives

React aspires to become the most cost effective, efficient and practical anti counterfeiting service, able to respond with agility and flexibility to the needs of its Member companies worldwide.  It will continue to act as a centre of excellence and provide a 'one-stop shop' for practical enforcement and innovative ideas in dealing with legal, environmental, disposal and recycling issues arising from intellectual property rights violations. It will drive improvements in performance and speed up communication with and between Members by delivering a new interactive information system, specifically designed to encourage the sharing of information and knowledge.

To this end we aim to be: 


  • Providing a service to our members enabling a consistent counterfeiting strategy
  • Having a hands on and results orientated approach
  • Advocating the use of strong instruments, such as the use of simplified procedure


  • Low cost
  • Fast and efficient communication


  • One stop service
  • One organization that covers a large and growing network