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IPR Business Partnership

The IPR Business Partnership is a forum for public-private sector debate, discussion and innovation with the express purpose of promoting public-private partnership as a key weapon in combating infringements of intellectual property rights. Through this partnership all kinds of technical assistance activities for enforcement authorities have been developed. The IPR Business Partnership cooperates with national authorities but also with important international bodies like the EUIPO, WIPO and UNECE. The activities include: 

  • Enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of intellectual property rights enforcement by providing assistance and technical support for capacity building efforts, including practical training with a particular focus on Customs administrations, Police forces and other enforcement agencies
  • Offer advice and technical support on legislative and procedural reform and implementation; so as to promote and achieve international consistency and fairness of application
  • Support and develop new and innovative methods of risk assessment, trend analysis and information sharing between intellectual rights holders and public sector organizations and agencies
  • Assist rights holders and the public sector through the development of methodologies that promote and aid the implementation of best practices
  • Promote effective, efficient and environmentally sensitive methods of disposal of seized counterfeit or pirated product
  • Contribute toward the enforcement initiatives of EUIPO, WIPO, WCO, UNECE, Interpol, regional inter-governmental projects and programs, The Global Congress against Counterfeiting and Piracy and Key national trade/rights holder organizations

For more information about the IPR Business Partnership and its activities, please send an email to hq@react.org